Today's City

Puebla is the capital city of the state with the same name and one of the few most important colonial cities in Mexico. The historic downtown area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It offers many styles and techniques in its beautiful architecture. The local cuisine and pottery are well-known and appreciated. It offers many cultural attractions and many beautiful sites, worth seeing, like: the numerous domes in the local churches, the Government Palace, the 5 de Mayo street, the City Hall, the Cathedral, the Casa de los Muñecos, 6 sur street, El Parian Market, the Church of San Francisco, the Amparo Museum, the Biblioteca Palafoxiana, the Church of San Cristóbal, the Centro Cultural Santa Rosa, the Museo de la Revolución, Casa del Deán, Fort Guadalupe, the Gallery of Contemporary Art and Design, the Museo de José Mariano Bello y Acedo, Fort Loreto, the Museum of Art, the Teatro Principal de Puebla, the Casa de Alfañique, the Municipal Palace, the Museum Workshop of Erasto Cortés Juaréz, the fountain of China Poblana, the Rosario Chapel, the Church of Santo Domingo, Cuexcomate volcano and the Uriarte Talavera façade building.

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