Today's City

Oulu is the largest city in Northern Finland, known worldwide for hosting the Air Guitar World Championship. Oulu offers other music festivals and has many local metal bands which can be found playing in local bars.

One can also visit some important local sights, like: Tietomaa Science Centre, Ainola Park, the rapids Centre, the Market Square, the City Library, the City Theatre, the old salt and tar storehouses, Rotuaari Pedestrian Street, the Oulu Cathedral, Mannerheim Park, the City Hall, Hupisaaret Park, the Pateniemi Sawmill Museum, the F.M. Franzen Memorial, the Oulu Art Museum, the Botanical Garden, the Vehicle Museum, the Arctic Gallery, the Turkansaari Outdoor Museum, the Technopolis Village, the Oulu Hall and the Madetoja Hall.

Visit Oulu, Finland